Where can God use your talents?
Youth Kid (Red)
Youth Ministries
Our mission is to lead, encourage and equip the youth of Tomorrow by serving and providing a Great experience every Sunday to local youth creating, promoting and organizing spiritually encouraging events that minister to young people throughout the year.
Music (Red)
Music Ministries
The Music Ministry is committed to facilitating worship, fellowship, encouragement and outreach through a balanced program of music that includes expressions ancient and modern, eloquent and simple, familiar and new. We strive to prepare gatherings for worship that are Christ-exalting, transformational, and display the unity of the Spirit.
Media-Tech (Red)
Media Ministries
Here at Hiland Park we try to embrace technologies to further the gospel’s impact on our world. When we look at the world around us, we find that we are surrounded by technology. It is how people communicate, find each other, entertain themselves, so it is only right to take advantage of those technologies to make more connections with this world for Christ! 
Evangelisim (Red)
Outreach Ministries
Do you remember who led you to faith in Christ? Most would say it was probably a relative, friend or co-worker. All Christians are called to serve. Jesus served his disciples and called his disciples to serve. As we serve, we are expressing our love to God. If you have a passion for reaching the unsaved let us help you grow it into a ministry.