Pentecostal Revival in the Philippines

5,000 people received the gift of the Holy Spirit, at the UPCI General Conference that was held in the Philippines last weekend. The UPCI announced on Sunday, an estimated 5,000 people were filled with the Holy Spirit during an outdoor crusade service attended by 35,000 in Marikina Sports Stadium in Manila, Philippines.
This crusade was the final service of the Philippine General Conference held February 17-21, 2016. Philippine Superintendent Bodegas and Global Missions regional director Roger Buckland preached before twenty-two ministers were ordained on Saturday afternoon. That evening a ‘singspiration’ featured national musicians and singers from around the country. Pastor Anthony Mangun of Alexandria, Louisiana (USA) and his team ministered throughout the conference.
The Philippines seems to be going through a great revival. Just last November it was announced that there was a mass baptism of 3,000 people in Davao.
3000 Baptized in PhilippinesThe Philippines is not the only place that is having revival, UPCI announced that 10,000 people attended the 70th annual UPC conference in Jamaica on Feb 9th-11th and 134 received the Holy Spirit. In Bangladesh 3,500 people received the Holy Spirit during a three day crusade Feb 12th-14th. Over 1,500 healing’s and miracles were also reported.

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